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I have been an agent for over 10 years and love it. You wouldn’t believe how many great trips you can take.  It’s $599.99 to start but ONE trip you will save that much. Ruben is the owner of Family Fun Cruises & Tours. He is the best! You have to contact him at (631) 281-0593.He will tell you when he has an available class which is at his house in Mastic. It is about 2 hours (THE CLASS) but you will get lots of information.

Tell him Theresa Ladonne referred you. I am going to send you some examples of agent trips we get offered. You will not be able to open the page because you need a password but I will just show you some offers.

Tom & I go to Disney world a lot and you get there hotels for 1/2 the normal price. We went to Europe on Norwegian for $75 pp a night for a balcony. It was 12 nights for a total of 1,800 + tax and gratuity. (And of course we had to get airfare) But how can you stay on a cruise ship for 12 days for only 1,800 + tax & gratuity!

We went to Hawaii disney for only $150 a night! If you just try to go to disney site & get a quote for staying in Hawaii you will see how much we saved! I tell everyone I talk to how great it is to be an agent! And Ruben is so helpful! He will always help you out if you need help booking anything. You will be so happy you joined! Any questions you can call me at night at home at (516)520-1331. I will be happy to answer any ?’s.  You will love it!


Hi Ruben,

This has been a very busy year for us. 
In April we went to St. Lucia, 3 nights at Sandals La Toc, 3 nights at LeSport, and 3 nights at Rendezvous. 
We just got back from 6 nights in Breezes, Curacaco. 
We leave next week on an Italy FAM  with Central Holidays 5 nights. 
In September, 6 nights at the Riu Palace, in Negril Jamaica.  October, 5 nights in Breezes, Bahamas. 
Then, the best.  A mega FAM with MSC 7 night r/t Barcelona and 1 night precruise at the El Palace in Barcelona, r/t first class air on Delta. 
Then at the end of November, the 3 night Sandals Mega FAM to Bahamas and Turks & Caicos.  
I’m sure I missed trips we did before April and more than likely book additional trips in the months not included in the above. 
I’m taking Mary on MSC for her birthday, are you and Amy joining us?  That would be so cool.
We really have you and Amy to thank for all of this, so THANK YOU!  Life is good!

Richie and Mary

Hi Ruben,

Mary and I just put in for the Azamara Quest fam (14 night Greece-Turkey) through OSSN.  The fam offers category 5 outside cabins for $699.00 plus taxes and fees.  These cabins usually cost $7,633.32 (double occupancy).  We are using our American Express points (240,000) to purchase non-stop, first class air (actual cost $8,592.00).  Total price of vacation $16,225.32.  We are paying $1,496.00.  I ask you, does it get any better than that?  Yes, it is deductable against the commission we made this year doing a job we really enjoy, and our clients enjoy us fulfilling their dreams, a win win situation.  Thank you Ruben for teaching us how to really enjoy life.

Warm regards,
Richie and Mary Post


I’ve been an outside sales agent for all 10 yrs, but only with Family Fun Cruises did I receive honest help. Never before have I received fams and faxes on specials.


Dear Ruben,

Thank you. 

I joined you agency this year mostly for my family trips. I have already made my money back on the fam trip I took to Bermuda. In addition to that I’ve saved money at Hershey Park. Another great perk of being a travel agent is these seminars. Not only do we get brochures and information but we get a free meal (sometimes a very nice one too) pens, pencils, keychains, etc. and the big plus being in the raffle to win free trips and or air fare. Last night we went to the 5th annual Eastern Suffolk Trade Show at the Holiday Inn and I won the grand prize, a 5 night Regal Cruise to Mexico-Key West, or New England-Canada. Joinng your agency was the best investment we made.


Marlene & Marty

I’m so excited. I just made reservations for two hotels in Hawaii. One is only $79 + taxes- instead of $293 + taxes; the other is $139 + taxes, instead of $440 + taxes!

This trip is going to be so great. In the thirty-three years we’ve been married, Marty and I have never gone away for two weeks, let alone go to Hawaii AND on a cruise. This is not only a celebration of our life together, it’s also a celebration for me surviving cancer twice.
You have no idea what a gift this is to both of us. We can’t thank you enough for your vision and your hard work in creating Family Fun Cruises. This never would have happened if it weren’t for you.

Bless you, Ruben.
Marlene & Marty


Only because of Ruben and the wonderful opportunity he shares, my husband and I were fortunate enough to take a two week honeymoon to Hawaii!! Family Fun Cruises provides me with an avenue to travel at unbelievable savings and has the potential of being a source of income simply by booking trips for your family, friends and co-workers. Yes, it sounds too good to be true, but this is by far the best thing my husband and I have done to improve our quality of life.

Our trips used to consist of camping for $12.00 a night, now we are enjoying cruises for as low as $35.00 a day! Don’t miss the boat–become a member of the Family Fun Cruise travel network. You will reap fabulous benefits!


In the 3 years since becoming a Family Fun Tours agent, I have traveled more than some people do in a lifetime–and on a New York City teacher’s salary!  Aside from taking advantage of fabulous hotel deals in the U.S., such as $49 for a suite at the Hyatt Regency in Downtown Washington DC, I have also been able to visit the Caribbean and Mexico many times.  Last Christmas and New Years week, I went to an all-inclusive resort in Playa del Carmen for $112 per night–that was for 2 people!  And, through taking a FREE online course with The Villa Group, I earned 3 free nights at any of their all-suite hotels in Cabo San Lucas and Riviera Nayarit.  I have taken my family on a 7-day Bermuda cruise for $10 per person per night and visited Alaska and the Yukon on a 13-day cruise tour for $799.  The brochure rate for that package was $2,500!  In addition to the unbelievable savings on travel, I have developed a real business, making numerous bookings and earning commission on everything.  Joining Family Fun Cruises and Tours was the best decision I have ever made.  Thank you.


My membership with Family Fun Cruises has changed my life. My husband and I have been fortunate enough to travel on such great agent rates on cruises, resorts, and car rentals. If it wasn’t for Ruben I could not enjoy all of the great perks. I have a few best fam deals 1) Palace Adventura Cove in Riviera Maya Mexico. This is a 5 star resort all inclusive with an ocean view room double occupancy 6 nights for $600.00. 2)Secrets Silversands Riviera Cancun. This is also a 5 star adults only all inclusive jr suite pool view for 4 nights $632.00. These prices include all taxes and fees.Your commissions could be in the hundreds or thousands. All depends on how much you sell travel. I have earned up to $ 3,000.00 doesn’t sound like alot but that is part time and my clients are by word of mouth. This pays for my yearly trip, sometimes 2 a year. I have won 1 trip to Jamaica. It was for a 4 night stay at Point Village Resort in Negril Jamaica. It included transfers and it was all inclusive. Also Ruben is very helpful any time you have a question just call him and he will be happy to help you.. He also refers clients your way. Thanks Ruben for  7 great years.

Fran & Gary

Gary and I joined Family Fun Cruises & Tours in 2005, and glad that we did.  I had looked into becoming a travel agent with other companies, but they couldn’t compare with Family Fun.  Ruben is always there to help and guide you. We have made so many new friends.

 We have gone on wonderful Fam trips to Jamaica, Turks & Caicos, St. Lucia, Antigua, Bahamas. All Inclusives such as Sandals, Iberostar, Breezes. Oh lets not forget the cruises on Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, and Princess.

We highly recommend that you attend the trade shows, there are so many contacts and great prizes.

The best prizes we received at a trade show was 3 nights / 4 days at Sandals and 4 nights / 5 days at the Iberostar. This was given to every agent, that attend the show and stayed for dinner.

So beside making a commission there are so many benefits available to you.

We are so happy to be a part of Family Fun Cruises & Tours. 

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