Frequently Asked Questions

We care about YOUR Success.  We do what we do best, so you can be at your best.

This section is intended to help guide you to successful business and career outcomes and equip you with the knowledge and skills you will need to avoid all the traps and pitfalls along the way.

But just as much as I hope you will decide to join our host agency, I want you to do so for the right reasons.


Are you a traveler?

If you love travel yourself, you have already mastered a major challenge for anyone in travel — you know your product. It is now a relatively simple matter to translate the knowledge and enthusiasm and passion you already possess into powerful presentations that will bring you your first bookings and steady repeat business. In addition, you’ll start saving money on your own travel instantly.

Do you want to save money on your own travel?

We put no limitations on our agents as it relates to participating in FAM trips and other benefits of being a Travel Agent.   This is a substantive difference from our competitors.    More benefits are available to Travel Agents as they expertise themselves on supplier solutions.  We provide access to a host of training solutions you can leverage to master your business, maximize your commissions, and earn greater access to travel agent appreciation rates.

The savings for travel agents can be substantial. It’s even possible to travel free, but only once you’ve shown your ability as a travel agent by booking travel. To sum up, travel agent discounts and freebies are a great perk for hard-working travel agents.

Are you looking for a low-investment part-time business?

Look no further. You can become a part-time travel agent very quickly. And your initial investment can be absolutely zero. Of course, if you wish, you can spend several thousand dollars setting up your business, but that’s your choice.

We want everyone who wants to launch a travel business, to be able to afford the investment. 

Predominately all of our competitors have moved to a subscription model where their members pay up to $50 per month plus the cost of add-on services and an enrollment fee.   This recurring fee model then is offset by offering agents higher commission retentions.  This implies that our competitors care less about your success selling travel and more about your continued enrollment with their program. 

At Family Fun Cruises & Tours we care about your personal and business success!

Our $599 enrollment fee can be financed over 6 payments using PayPal which includes the 1st years annual maintenance charges (commonly referred to as dues).  Don’t qualify for PayPal Credit then we will finance you directly with no interest on auto-pay, using any major credit card.

On the anniversary of your enrollment with us, you will be charged dues.  Again, our dues are the lowest in the industry, currently just $90 or $7.50/month.   We do everything in our power to maintain a low cost of membership, however the amount charged for dues may change as the cost of providing services shifts.

Do you need a flexible schedule?

Here’s a business that allows you to set your own hours like few others. You can chat with folks at work or call them at home at night. Work full-time one week and scale back the next. Whatever schedule works best for you, you can design a travel business to accommodate it.

Are you a teacher?

Many opportunities in the part-time travel field are aimed specifically at teachers. Moreover, teachers have more free time than many other professionals — free time that can be both a boon and a curse.

As a travel agent you can use your free time to sell travel to your broad network of  like the teachers union, administrative and support staff, etc.   Take advantage of the incredible power of your network and your time.

Do you have a built-in audience?

Teachers do. They can reach their students, student parents, school adminstrators, other educators, etc.

Other professions also offer their practitioners access to large groups of people — ministers, accountants, lawyers, first responders, salespeople, the list goes on.  You will be surprised how large your network is when you get to thinking about it.   A network is only good if you can leverage it for mutual success.   

Are you ready to make a ton of money, fast?

Then don’t go into the travel business… maybe you better invest (or waste) your time elsewhere. Yes, you can make excellent money as a home-based travel agent, but it takes time and hard work to build up your client base.


Do you belong to a club or organization?

Book Clubs, Church Groups, Affinity Groups, Sports Teams, etc. represent an unbelievable opportunity for you to grow your business.  People buy from People they know!  So don’t be afraid to tell people you are in business.

Our best agents get major sales when they arrange group trips for occassions like weddings, traveling sports teams, reunions, church outings, etc.  

If you get ten people in your club to go on a cruise with their spouses, that’s a $10,000 to $20,000 sale! And we will show you how to get the best possible commission. Cruise lines pay us 10% to 20% commission and you keep 60% of the commission.

Are you a small businessperson?

You can earn commission on your business travel for you and your employees; lowering your travel costs. 

Why not make travel an add-on to your existing product line? Everyone who comes into your shop can learn about the travel opportunities you have to offer.

If you send catalogs or brochures to your customers on a regular basis you have already paid for the postage to send them a flyer about a great bargain on an upcoming tour or cruise.

Why not offer discounted travel to your employees as an extra benefit? You’ll forego some or all of the commission, but the goodwill you generate will be hard to beat.

Do you travel on business?

Many people who travel on business pay their own way and then get reimbursed by their employer or client. As a travel agent, you can earn a commission on much of that travel. If you own your own business and spend a considerable amount of money on travel, then the prospect of saving 5% to 7% on your travel expenditures should make your bottom line sit up and take notice.

Are you a loner?

Yes, many home-based agents are sole practitioners. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have to be a “people person.” You do, at least if you want to be successful. If you don’t feel comfortable getting to know and interact with lots of new people, then this is probably not the profession for you.

By the way, many home-based agents work with their spouses and the travel business seems almost ideally suited to this type of “mom-and-pop” working arrangement.

Are you in sales?

If you are, you’ve probably already thought of a dozen ways you can prosper in this sideline. Your existing sales skills will fit perfectly in a home-based travel business and you no doubt already have a large and ever-growing pool of prospects.

Are you retired?

Perfect. Not only do you now have the time to devote to learning about travel, but you are an integral part of the largest and fastest growing market for leisure travel.

You can make a handsome supplemental income, and enjoy some wonderful fringe benefits, just by specializing in the travel interests and needs of folks just like you.

Many of our agents who are retired from their careers, belong to retiree communities and organizations that they leverage to grow their travel business.   Retirees travel the most out of anyone, and People like to buy from People they know and Trust.    Remember today’s retirees are more weathty than error and want to see the world.

Are you home with the kids?

Here’s a way to make a bit of extra money at the same time you’re burping, diapering, and nurturing. Much of your business with customers can be conducted on the phone; your friends probably won’t mind if you’re bouncing junior on your knee while you talk to them. You can use baby’s nap time to get on the phone and call the travel suppliers. It’s a perfect scenario for the homemaker or Mr. Mom.

Are you committed to a full-time career?

If you are not sure, the information in my class will show you how to test the waters for a minimal investment. If you find you love the travel business as much as you thought, great! You’ll be ideally situated to maximize your income potential.

If, on the other hand, you decide the travel business is not for you (it’s not for everyone), you have the option of continuing on a part-time basis or getting out altogether without having spent a small fortune discovering you’ve made a wrong career turn.


Is there a licensing requirement for the state?

New York State has no licensing equirements…Florida, Rhode Island & California require registration with the state or a bond to be posted…what state do you live in?  We will check it and send you the regulations, if any.   We currently do not do business in California, because of their onerous regulations.

If so, how does that effect me not living in NY?

You must follow the laws of your state.

Our Main Offices are in NY, but you don’t have to live in NY to be a Member of Family Fun Cruises & Tours.   We have agents across the United States, with the exception of California.

Do you receive an ID card of any kind?

Yes. Your business card and you can order a photo ID from CLIA.  CLIA charges a fee for their photo ID card and requires that you take a training course.  High Performing Agents will be granted an IATA Card.

How does the commissioning work?

Generally, our Member Agents have other jobs, sometimes more than one.  Getting started in a new gig may not be easy.  We do not pressure our Member Agents to sell any minimum amount to maintain their relationship with us. 

You will receive up to 60% of your commissions on Cruises and Tours (including Disney, Sandals, etc.), and 50% on all other travel bookings such as hotels, vacation rentals, cars, travel insurance and air.   High Performing Agents that exceed $5,000 in booking in a calendar year will qualify for 80% commission on all incremental bookings and qualify for an IATA Card.

When you book travel, you will complete a commission request sharing your successful booking with our office.   We then know who gets the credit when the commission is paid by the travel vendor.  Commissions earned from vendors are refundable. If the trip is cancelled the commission the travel vendor paid can be reclaimed by them.   As such, we pay commissions after the booking is complete and travel has occurred.

I usually purchase my plane tickets through travelocity, would I still do that?

Yes & No…

If you are booking a vacation pacakge with one of our wholesale tour operators its likely to be less expensive to book the entire end-to-end trip through them.   Further, the wholesale tour operators generally will pay commission.  Most airlines have eliminated commissions in the 90’s, but some are starting to bring it back.

How would I connect to your site to do bookings?

We give you full access to booking tools like CruisePro, Vax Vacation Access, Viator, Expedia TAAP and PinSight that make online booking easy.   You will also have access to the booking engines provided by major cruise providers, hotels, rental car companies, etc.   We also have relationships with the Business Development Management teams of many of our suppliers, so you can call direct if you need as well.

What Happens After I Sign Up?

You will receive a Welcome Aboard email that includes our New Agent Training Guide and Access to 100% of our Agency Operation Tools.  

You will also receive an invitation to our New Agent Founders Meeting, where our owners take you through everything you need to do to start your business and you can ask your questions.

Can I cancel?

We hope you choose to cancel when you reach a level of success whereby you no longer need our support and guidance, that would be AWESOME.  We will even teach you what you need to know to aid in your successful transition. 

However, regardless of why you choose to cancel we make the process easy.  You can cancel anytime.  Your active bookings through the end of your annual period for which you subscribed will be paid to you.   We do not refund dues or the membership fee.

We ask only that you cease using our tradenames and marks, as well as, stop booking using our CLIA or IATA numbers.