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Family Fun Cruises is a Host Agency that supports the business success of Independent Travel Agents.  We teach those with a passion for travel how to travel like the 1%’er while earning a primary or secondary income.  We provide a turn-key solution to start and support your travel business so all you have to do is start selling today!




Do you like the excitement of travel?

Thank you  for your interest in our travel agent program as a home based business. We have developed a program which will change your quality of life and the way you travel forever. We teach a course on how to become a travel agent and how to run your travel agency from your home or business. You will become the travel person, just like the Avon person or the Tupperware person. You will be making travel reservations for your family, friends, people at your job or church.  

Each time you make a reservation you earn a commission check. Have your commission checks pay for your vacations. This is not multi-level marketing. This is not a become a millionaire in two weeks… what this is, is a business that you own and operate and earn commissions, and a way for you and your family to travel at reduced rates as travel agents. Please review the materials on the top and feel free to contact me if you have any questions at info@familyfuncruises.net.

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